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                   if death, then love, (ep), 2019


A minimalist strumming style to say the least, with an absolutely beautiful, haunting voice. In a way, she struck me as a bit of a female Thom Yorke, except without any trace of pretension.


- Consequence of Sound



Once you’re able to get past the beguiling voice, you discover her quietly profound, deceptively simple lyrics. Epyllion weaves an incredibly rich tapestry of a nearly spectral world where a pixie-like young woman discovers love and death; It's magical. 


- Bone Rolling Reviews



After several iterative imaginations, LOOM’s hypnotic perturbations are wholly realized within Epyllion‘s twilight embrace. Tenuous cinders warm the mesmeric dissonance embedding LOOM’s succession into dactylic grace and splendid nylon minimalism; a transfiguration well worth Epyllion‘s meditative endurance. Existing in a plane beyond idyllic notions of folk, pop, and mellowtude, the album emerges between disparate walls of sinusoidal classification, unveiling the lingering ashes of lysergic ritual. Grip gently.


- Aaron Levin, Weird Canada



The track [Around Again- Island Mix] builds on a dense guitar sound and Manning's silky smooth vocal delivery that eventually climaxes with a distorted second vocal track and some super minimal drums. Sonic indicators from Julie Doiron and slowcore pioneers like Low are definitely at play, but this song stands on its own and points to potentially great things on LOOM's debut.


- Exclaim



The voice of Canadian Brooke Manning a.k.a LOOM could almost make me forget that the main function of heart is that of ejecting blood and not that of beating so hard it escapes my chest. My blood is nonetheless filled with her tone, floating and irrigating each cell eager with life... I love her capture.


- Delicious Scopitone, France







1. There is Blood in my Body     04:56

2. Promised Land                        04:41

3. Wholesome                              06:40

4. Around Again                           04:24

5. It is Love                                   06:53

6. Grown                                       05:42

7. Between Fires                          04:41

8. Dream Doe                                04:29



All songs written by Brooke Manning | Recorded by Dale Morningstar at Gas Station Studios 11/25 - 11/28 | Mixed and Mastered by Sandro Perri | Cover Art by Brendan George Ko Album Insert Art by Brooke Manning | Album Layout by Justin Ellsworth  111111








1. Intro                                          07:30

2. Around Again (Island Mix)      04:23




INTRO: recorded live off the floor in one take alongside Thom Gill, Dan Pencer, Matthew Pencer
Written by: Brooke Manning | Mastered + Mixed by Thom Gill 
AROUND AGAIN (ISLAND MIX): recorded by Dale Morningstar alongside Thom Gill, Elaine Kelly
Written by: Brooke Manning | Mixed by: Dale Morningstar | Mastered by: Sandro Perri








1. It Is Love (bride mix)                06:22

2. Between Fires (bride mix)      03:40

3. Promised Land (bride mix)     07:20

4. Maiden Speech (loom mix)     08:54

5. Outro (loom mix)                      07:32




BRIDE + LOOM was recorded live one August evening while sitting on the living room floor of 119 Northcote, Toronto, 2009. All songs are one-take written and performed by Brooke Manning alongside Thomas Gill: Synth, Dan Pencer: Saxophone, Matthew Pencer: Electribe | Written by: Brooke Manning | Mixed by: Thomas Gill