Everything is practice.

Everything is desire.

My practice is the same as my existence.

My existence is the same as my desire to practice.

I move in parallel lines yet sometimes desire means to cross them;

To communicate with forces that propel me toward more practice.

A trail remains as energy--

always patterned lapses of time,

sometimes documented in spaces like this one.

If I wished to stop practicing,

if my desire ever ceased to exist,

I believe I would too.

So, as a pulse pushes forward,

Everything as practice.

Everything as desire.

thank you for being here :)

- - -

Owner/Operator, Likely General

Owner/Operator, Length of a Candle End of Life Services

Sound, Loom

Co-editor, The 4 Poets

Photograph by Brendan George Ko

INELDA Studying Death Doula

BFA OCADU, Photography

Queen's University, Art History

Loyalist College, Photography


*please visit ‘sound’ for Loom documentations

2019, If Death Then Love: 47 Moments, explorations in sound, silence, and poetry

2018, So far from the water and thirsty, book collaboration with Alicia Nauta

2018, Latitude: Vol 1, Women in Cannabis, published by Latitude Publishing Co.

2016, If Death Then Love | If Thirty Then 31, You Care Too Much, published by Without/Pretend

2014, Of Silence, The 4 Poets, published by Swimmers Group

2011-2013, The Tape Project, rituals performed for 365 days on tape

2010-2012, The Soul Project, rituals performed for 365 days with vessels containing the souls of participating strangers found on craigslist

Various Published Works, 2007 - 2014 also located in:

Petal Journal

Lighthouse Journal

Queen's Literary Journal



OLD Quarterly

Poetry Method

Various Exhibitions & Installations, 2010 - 2017:

Two Left Feet, photography, OCADU Gallery

Confessions, paper and envelope, installation, Labspace Studio

Truths, video and sound installation, Warner Gallery

Seeing, photography, Lens Work Gallery

See Saw, video installation, Warner Gallery

Slight, video and sound collage installation, public space

We Don’t Know When, video and sound installation, public space